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Check out the instructions below for local drop off at one of our two locations in Utah. Feel free to share this link with a family member/friend who might be dropping them off for you. 


We suggest putting a trusted friend or family member in charge of taking your flowers after the event and dropping them off so that you can just enjoy your big day.


Designate Drop Off

Enjoy your wedding day! Have fun and make lifelong memories with your flowers in hand. It's as easy as that! We believe that flowers can hold onto you memories so you have to make some memories for them to hold.


Have A Party

After the event you will want to give the stems a fresh trim and put then in water overnight (or over the weekend) until you are able to drop them off.


Water Your Blooms

Head over to the link below to schedule a drop off time at our Logan studio.

966 W 400 N STE 140

Logan, UT



Logan Drop Off

 Head over to the link below to schedule a Midvale drop off. There is a cupboard on the west side of the porch that has further drop off instructions when you arrive.


347 W Wasatch St

Midvale, UT



Midvale Drop Off

Once you drop the flowers off they will be safe in our hands!

The turnaround time is about 3-4 months. We will contact you about a week before your flowers will be ready for pickup.


Wait It Out

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