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Has your wedding already passed and you didn't save your flowers in time? No worries! We offer recreations through our local flowers shop to provide you with the opportunity to have a keepsake representing your big day.



Please fill out your information below if you are interested in a recreation piece. Once we receive your request we will reach out and create a complimentary slide deck of the price of the flowers from the original bouquet. From there you can choose which flowers to purchase for your piece & you will then place an order for your frame as well. We will be able to advise you as to which flower will press the best and help capture the feelings and memories from the original bouquet. Prices for the florals can start around $100 and then the price of your frame will be added on to that as well.

P.S. We only take up to 5 recreations a month to create space for current events of clients. If we are at capacity for the month we will let you know and push your order to the following month. The turnaround time for a recreation piece is our current timeline that can be found here - plus an additional month to account for ordering the flowers and extra communication.

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Thank you for filling out our form! We will contact you within the week with the next steps.

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