- I understand the I am responsible for the shipping or drop off of the flowers to Flowers Of The Press.

-I understand that if I ordered the shipping kit and I need to change the address or have the kit be sent out at an earlier date at any point, I need to notify Flowers Of The Press 3 weeks prior to the event.

Or else I will not be refunded nor sent a new kit.

-I understand that failure to follow given shipping instructions will result in damaged flowers that the artist can deem unworkable. I may be given the option to downsize in frames or change the style of layout to accommodate my flowers. If the flowers aren't salvageable they will be thrown away and my order will be canceled and refunded. 

-I understand that if I send any glass vases, pendants, charms, ribbons or other items that may be used to hold/decorate my flower stems they will not be returned to me. I need to remove these from my bouquet prior to shipping if I would like to keep them.


-I understand that flowers will be pressed in the condition they are received, meaning if flowers arrived bruised or damaged, the same is likely to show in the final piece. If any of the flowers are not workable I will have the choice to buy replacement stems via Flowers Of The Press's local florist.

- I understand that during the process, flowers will fade/change color due to the flowers' nature.

(Ex. whites can yellow and reds turn purple.)

-I understand that besides the comments included on the order, the artist has creative freedom to do what she thinks looks best and I trust her to do so.

-I understand that some flowers & elements of a bouquet can not be pressed and framed because of their thickness and the size of the frame.

-I understand that I can request the unused pressed elements of my bouquet to be returned to me. If I do not request this option, my remaining pressed flowers and greenery will become the property of Flowers Of The Press.

-I fully understand that Flowers Of The Press does not work with white bouquets of one flower (ex. solely white long stem roses) unless given an exception by the artist. See our FAQ page here for more information.

- I understand that the Flowers Of The Press team will communicate with me via the email address on the order. If the email address is wrong or needs to be updated, it is my responsibility to notify the team at hello@flowersofthepress.com


-I understand that once my bouquet is being designed, I can request to see a mock design of the arrangement before the designer glues the final product. I can request to change/tweak elements of the design up to 3 times before the product has to be finalized and moved onto shipping. If I don't request a photo then the designer will design the piece how she sees best - and I trust her to do so. 

-I understand that although great care is taken to package pieces with as much protection as possible, damage may occur during shipping. In the event that this occurs, I will leave the piece as is, send Flowers Of The Press photos via email right away and then reseal the box. 

-I understand and agree to the refund and cancelation policy as stated below.

-I understand that Tara and her team are full time students and they can get a bit behind on

fulfilling orders and responding to emails.


-I understand that I am fully responsible for any tariffs, import taxes, or other fees associated with international shipping. Along with that I understand I may be charged for additional shipping costs if the charge is higher after placing my order.

-I understand that if my frame arrives damaged, it is my responsibility to take it to a local frame company to have it repaired. Flowers Of The Press will not cover any costs to return the frame to America to be repaired.

-I understand that once the package leaves the United States it is my responsibility.


If you are an out of state client then choose the "shipping" option during checkout. Sending flowers through the mail is a precise art and I will be here to help you along the way! After you place your order I will send you a step by step video tutorial on how to properly send your flowers to us. There will be a shipping fee added onto your final total, this ONLY covers the cost of me sending your finished frame back to you. The cost of shipping your fresh flowers to me will be covered by you. 


If you are local, you can choose the drop off & pick up option during checkout. We have a drop off location in Midvale & Logan Utah! We will reach out to schedule a drop off time and date.


You may cancel your order all the way up until we receive your flowers at our shop. If you cancel an order within 48 hours of placing, you will be refunded in full. After 48 hours there will be a 15% service fee withheld from the refund.


We do not offer refunds on our custom pieces because they are... custom! If there is a mistake on our end then please reach out and we will do the best that we can to make it right. Make sure when placing your order to include specific details of what you are wanting/expecting. Aside from the comments on the order, the artist has creative freedom to do what she thinks looks best with your flowers.