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  • How long does pressing flowers take?
    The pressing and drying portion can take up to 4-5 weeks for mother nature to work her magic! Full turn around time is 4-5 months at this point to allow us to give your flowers the attention and care they need to become a forever piece.
  • Do you accept all white bouquets?
    Yes we do! With a few exceptions. White flowers are so very fragile and require a lot more attention when it comes to pressing. Due to mother nature white flowers tend to brown easily and don't retain their brilliant bright white as before. They will turn creme and blonde instead of bright white. If you have an all white bouquet we require that you have a variety of white flowers and greenery. We will not accept bouquets of just one type of flower ex. long stem white roses. If you have a bouquet like this, do not worry we would still love to work with your flowers with our dried shadow box option! Drying white flowers without pressing them allows them the amount of air they need to retain their brilliance a bit better.
  • What qualifies as an acceptable "all white" bouquet?
    The best way to describe this is to show a few examples! We will not accept any bouquets for fresh pressed arrangements if there are white flowers and no greenery. Of course there are always a few exceptions so if you have questions about your specific bouquet then please reach out via email! Bouquets we will not accept: Bouquets we will accept!
  • What flowers can't be pressed?
    We can pretty much press all types of flowers! There are a few that we do not work with for certain reasons. We want to be 100% transparent with you so here are a list of flowers and greens that we do not/can not include in the final arrangement. - Giant Lilies - Just like anthurium, we have not yet been able to perfect the process on pressing large lilies, no matter the original color they always turn a rust orange because of the insanely high water content. Although they can be pressed we do not work with them. - Seeded Eucalyptus - We loooove the look of seeded eucalyptus but the seeds are too thick to be able to include in the final arrangement. We can use the leaves but the seeds are removed before being pressed. - Any type of thick branches - We occasionally see branches like curly willows included in bouquets and they are stunning! But unfortunately they do not press thin enough to be included in the final arrangement. If you would like them to be apart of your frame then we would suggest going with a shadow box arrangement instead.
  • Can you press succulents?
    Yes! We can indeed press succulents but because of the extra time and attention they need we will charge an additional $20 succulent fee if you would like them pressed in your frame. If you would rather not pay the fee then we would suggest removing them from your bouquet before sending them in to repot and enjoy in your home.
  • How long will my pressed flowers last?
    As long as you take care of your frame your flowers will last forever! But please be aware that your flowers will fade overtime. We do not use any dies, preservatives, or chemical enhancements during the preserving process. We love what mother nature does to the aging of the flowers and we believe it tells a beautiful story. Make sure to keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and away from any humid areas (ex. the bathroom). If you follow those steps, your flowers should stay around forever. Happy day!
  • My flowers are already dry, can you still work with them?
    Absolutely! Whether you have been drying your flowers for a few months or they have been sitting in your moms basement for 3 years - our shadow box option is the perfect fit. Click here to head to our dried flower, shadow box page.
  • Can I send you my fresh flowers to dry for a shadow box arrangement?
    Yes! If you are wanting a shadow box for a wedding in the future, you have two options. -You can choose to hang dry the flowers yourself which is super easy and only takes a few weeks (information on that will be sent after placing your order). -Or you can send your fresh flowers to us with rushed next day shipping and we can dry them for you but this will be an extra $175 onto your order (that is not including the price of you shipping the flowers to us.)
  • What do you do with the leftover flowers?
    With each arrangement, we strive to include every single flower, but more often than not, there isn't enough space for every single element of the bouquet. We have a specific design style where we don't overcrowd the frame and instead space out the pieces to create a true work of art. If a client requests to have the leftover flowers returned with the final piece, we are always happy to do so! However, in the absence of such a request, we add them to our stockpile for future reuse.
  • How does shipping flowers work if I don't live in Utah?
    If you are out of state, there are a few extra steps when it comes to getting your flowers to us but no worries, we work with out of state clients all the time! When you book with us there is an optional add on for a "shipping kit" where we will send you a package full of supplies needed to ship your flowers back to us. Regardless of if you bought the kit or not, we will send out a detailed video tutorial after you purchase on how to best package your flowers for safe shipping. Fresh flowers will need to ship with Next Day Shipping and dried flowers can just ship standard. When checking out, you will be charged for shipping. This does not include the cost for you to send the flowers to us. Just simply the cost of us sending the final product back to you. P.S. when we send the final product back it will be sent with a signature required upon delivery. If this is a problem please let us know right away.
  • What is the shipping kit?
    The shipping kit is simply a box of all of the supplies that you will need to send your flowers back to us after the big day! A few of the things include, biodegradable packing peanuts, a bouquet preserver, eco friendly plastic bags, and a few extra surprises. These can all be found on your own at your local shipping store but some people find it nice to have the whole thing sent to them in one piece to take a bit of stress off of their big day. The kit will be sent out to you the Tuesday the week before your wedding. Make sure to open up the kit when it is received. *If you order the shipping kit you must notify us with any sort of change of address 3 weeks prior to your event*
  • Do you take international orders?
    Currently, we are unable to offer international shipping for fresh flowers. However, we have two alternative options available: 1. **Dried Flower Shadow Box:** You can choose to hang dry your flowers and then send them to us once they are completely dry. We will use these dried flowers to create a beautiful shadow box for you. To explore our shadow box designs, please visit 2. **Bouquet Recreation:** Another option is to work with us to recreate your bouquet. Simply fill out the form at with your details and attach a photo of your bouquet. We will collaborate with our local wholesaler to source fresh flowers for your project. These fresh blooms will then be pressed and preserved to craft a unique art piece representing your special day. We have recently expanded our services to accommodate international orders, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Make sure to check out our terms and conditions specific to international orders and let us know what questions you have. We're here to assist you!
  • Can I drop off/pick up my flowers instead of shipping them?
    Of course! We have drop off & pickup locations in Midvale and Logan, UT. When placing your order hit the "drop off/pickup" option during checkout. We will send you additional information once your order is placed.
  • If I send a glass vase (or other object) with my flowers will it be returned?
    No, we will not ship back any glass vases, pendants, charms, or other items that may be used to hold/decorate your flower stems. Make sure to remove these from your bouquet prior to shipping!
  • What happens if my frame arrives damaged?
    Although we take great care to package our pieces with as much protection as possible, we understand that damage may occur during shipping. In the event that this occurs, we ask that you leave the piece as is, send us photos and an email and then reseal the box. Once you notify us we will send you a prepaid return label, repair the frame at our shop, and send it back to you as soon as possible.
  • What is the difference between the fresh flower and the dried flower options?
    Fresh Flowers - You send us your bouquet as soon as you can after your wedding/event with overnight next day shipping. Then we will press the flowers paper thin to then arrange between two panes of glass. This option does not work with already dried/old flowers. Dried Flowers - Pretty simple! You send us already dried flowers and we will arrange them into a shadow box (3D frame) to keep them safe forever. This is a cheaper option because you won't have to ship your flowers with next day shipping. If you have a fresh bouquet and want this option instead there are a few different routes you can take. Checkout the dried flowers page for more information.
  • How early should I book in advance for a fresh flower press?
    We suggest booking within 6 months of your event to ensure we can get you all the updated information and product options. We can take your order up to 3 days after the event, if it is any later than that then we ask that you send us a photo of the current state of your flowers and we can determine if it is still in workable condition.
  • What is your refund policy?
    All of our policies can be found here! Make sure to read over the terms and conditions before placing your order, please and thank you!
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