The Pressing Process

Flower preservation takes quite a bit of time—we can't rush Mother Nature! We want to ensure that each arrangement gets the attention it needs (and deserves) to last a lifetime so we don't sacrifice quality for time.

You can find updates on where your order stands and our current turnaround time below. Please remember that we're full-time students here at Flowers Of The Press and we're working as hard as we can to stick to our timelines.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us at hello@flowersofthepress.com

A Look Into Our Process & Timeline

  • Putting into the Press 1-3 Hours

    When fresh flowers arrive, we have to get them pressed within the first 24 hours. Depending on the size of the bouquet it can take our preservation specialists one to three hours to properly unbox, take apart, and put your flowers into the press.

  • Drying & Pressing 6-8 Weeks

    This is where we let Mother Nature do her magic! Your flowers will take 6-8 weeks to properly dry and lose all of their moisture. We check your flowers every two days for the first week to ensure they are drying correctly. Depending on how busy our season is, we might not be able to take your flowers out of the press for 2-4 months!

  • Arranging & Gluing 2-3 Hours

    Removing them from the press takes about 30 minutes and (once again depending on the bouquet and order) our designers can take up to 4 hours arranging and glueing your flowers. This can take more time if you opt to see the design before gluing and or if you chose to upgrade to art glass.

  • Framing & Shipping 2-4 Hours

    We ensure that your flowers are handled with the upmost care while framing. We've worked tirelessly to nail down our shipping process, but packaging up each frame still takes us two to three hours per piece. Despite our caution, if any damage occurs during shipping we ask that you please contact us immediately.

Current Turnaround Time Is 4-5 Months

We're currently working on flowers we received in October 2023.

When your flowers are on queue we'll send you an email confirming the details of your order. From there, you'll have the final product between one and three weeks.

Thank you for your love and patience! We're working to get our turnaround time down to three months.

UPDATED 04/15/24


Design Queue

Reminder: This list represents our ideal timeline, not a firm deadline. Please allow a few weeks as a buffer. We're all full-time students here at Flowers Of The Press:)

Next 2 Weeks

These clients will receive an email with further information.
These flowers were received October 23rd-25th.

Hannah Traweek
Jaedyn Leisy
Rachel Wheatley
Kelly Tilipop oue
Katie Gibson
Michelle Smith
Sydnee Ahlmer
Taylor Neil
Teisa Tsai
Christian Rine (Francesca Arena)
Matt Vilutis
Katherine Dryden
Katie Winegar
Madison Magnall
Bryn Conway
Kelsey Roe
Izzi Dawson
Rachel Sheffield

Megan Langer
Emma Bachem
Deborah New
Meiraf Donofrio
Alexis Garcia
Chelsea Morgenson
Emily Stump
Kathleen Morissy
Kaylee Larson
Joscelyn Lucas
Emily Harvath
Jessica Nielson
Racey Renolds
Hannah Cardnali
Julianns Smith
Chelsea Marrie

Jessica Watson
Ailiyah Shaiky
Tiffany Sevum
Ashlyn Zikmund
Kalie Champlain
Bonnie Skinner
Sierra McGee
Hannah Fahey-Michaeles
Erin Szymameki
Caitlyn Homewood
Casey Calkins
Carly Bernstein
Claire Wolhfeil

Within the Next 4 Weeks

These clients will receive an email within the next few weeks with further information.
These flowers were received October 25th-November 7th.

Alicia Mulinick
Catharine Conway
Katherine Lewis
Christina Edwards
Dominique Curran
Elizabeth Kalifah
Evelyn Wisely
Kristy Baur
Holden Fisher
Mackenzie Nelson
Hannah Anderson
Tessa Chamberline
Morgan Franzani
Cassidy Mohler
Brianna Philebaum
Poppy Lane Floral
Amelia Nesheim
Bridgette Bordewick
Kelsey Ring
Theresa Gray
Genevieve Willman
Jill Perniciaro
Brittany Cotting
Jessica Luy
Maddie Schaber

Kaylie Peoples
Kayley Conley
Katherine Newport
Catherine Difilippo
Jodi Ritter
Cassie Speidel
Leslie Trejo
Lauren Cerza
Extra roses
Alysia Beltrah
Patricia Colon
Sabrina Agular
Tatum Cunnighham
Helen Chen
Jacob Roesch
Buddy Bell
Allison Matthews
Faith Huss
Katie Downs
Courtney Barett
Sarah Jolley
Julianne Brenenstall
Krysti Teng

Angela Gurney
Amanda Taylor
Brooklyn Nielsen
Lisa Lokken
Alyssa Roper Rangel
Julia Robinson
Hadley Finlay
Nicolette Rodriguez
Delaney Senderak
Amanda Laudani
Aaron Fan
Emily Jauregui
Nicole Steinmetz
Queenie Kwan
Olga Darmogray
Katelyn Nichisti
Chloe Wise
Maria Jimenez
Emily Allen
Grant Torre
Savanna Prater
Sara Tredennick
Gabrielle Bautista
Samantha Hunsel
Maria Noack
Emily Dolata
Sally Pozos
Marissa Hammond
Elizabeth Noe

Next Month

Thanks for your patience and love!
These flowers are from events on November 7th-11th.

Mary Alice Mcel
Keely Dobbs
Presli Martinez
Emily Sylvia
Kendra Ucello
Nancy Coleman
Chelsea Noyes
Carrie Kambarn
Ellen Wall
Abby Davis
Miranda Phillips
Emily Hayes
Terra Miller
Noelle Snedbold
Marissa Leon
Emily Williamson
Noelle Wood
Sierra Miller
Kess Mann
Courtney Karnes
Caitlyn Henry
Terri Butler
Samantha Darrell
Olivia Haag
Krystina Kiser

Katherine Retz
Megan Fritz
James Bird
Megan Loo
Alexandra Palmer
Katherine Mialaret
Antonio Hernandez
Jolene Patterson
Emily White
Taylor Shank
Dulce Guerro
Henry Mitchell
Emily Fairbanks
Jackie Eddie
Sarah Engdahl
Britney Howell
Stephanie Akin
Julia Johnson
Natalie Ortego
Anthony Laccarino
Lonni Henry
Jasmine Strankak
Tracy Hickey
Julie McCracken
Erica Conti
Maura King
Drew Galligher
Shannon Ellisor
Lisa Brown

Zoe Thomas
Molly Curran
Jillian Enwright
Kadi Jankowski
Kellie Rooney
Amanda Pressler
Hannah Dutton
Karson Welle
Natalie Shields
Amber Hallmark
Grace Compton
Gina Hernandez
Kaitlin Anderson
Sarah Andrews
Sarah Roosendaal
Sarina Olsen
Shana Bird