Check out the video below for a tutorial walk through on how to ship your flowers. Feel free to share this link with a family member/friend who might be shipping them off for you. Pay close attention to the instructions because we want your flowers to arrive as fresh as possible!


We suggest putting a trusted friend or family member in charge of sending us your flowers so that you can just enjoy your big day.


Designate Shipping

We offer a sustainable shipping kit full of all of the supplies that you will need but you can also gather all of the materials at your local shipping store.


Gather Supplies

It's as easy as that! We believe that flowers can hold onto you memories so you have to make some memories for them to hold.


Have A Party

After the event you will want to give the stems a fresh trim and put then in water overnight (or over the weekend) until you are able to ship them out.


Water Your Blooms

Time to put it all together and package your flowers to be sent to us! Make sure to reference the tutorial video frequently.


Prep & Pack

Ship with next day delivery! Address is:

Tara Zarbock

Flowers Of The Press

35 S 300 W

Logan, UT 84321


Ship 'Em Out

Once you ship them out, send us the tracking information at hello@flowersofthepress.com.

We will email you when you flowers have arrived.


Wait It Out


 - You MUST ship your flowers with next day delivery. This can get expensive so I suggest USPS or UPS for the best prices and quality of shipping. Click here for USPS and here for UPS shipping calculators. The smaller the box the cheaper it is. Try to stick around a 12x12x12"

-Make sure to open the shipping kit a few days prior to your wedding so you can place the icepack in the freezer.
- If your wedding is on a Saturday or Sunday, shipping your flowers on Monday will be totally fine. Just keep them in water until you can ship them. Do not package them up until you are on your way to send them.

-Do not put a bag or any sort of plastic near the blooms! Just one bag around the stems please.
- Please place a sticky note or a piece of paper inside of the box with the bride's name (if not the bride),he name that the order is placed under, and the order number.
- No need to require a signature on the delivery, we've got it covered. 
- When you ship it, send on over the tracking number so we can keep our eyes on your package.

-We will send an email (within the day) when we receive your flowers.


- A cardboard box - We recommend a 12x12x12 to keep the price reasonable

- Packing peanuts

- Ice pack - You will need to freeze this ahead of time.

- Rubber bands

- ONE plastic bag

-Paper towels

- Sticky note/ piece of paper to note order number and name.

- Packaging tape

All of these can be found at your local shipping supply store.